Who Are We?

Often referred to as "Winnipeg South", we are a community-based group of "mature" adults in Winnipeg, who have joined together to enjoy the physical and social benefits of slow-pitch softball. We offer to interested individuals opportunities for non-competitive and/or competitive recreation through playing softball with and against others of similar ages and experience. Based in south Winnipeg, our "house league" games are played twice weekly at Moffat Field, located adjacent to the Century Arena at the corner of Clarence and Hamelin in Fort Garry. These games are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May to October (weather permitting) and both male and female members are encouraged to participate. Women, aged 40 and over, are eligible to become members of our organization. Men must be 55 years of age, or older, to be eligible for membership. Many of our members have reached, or exceeded, the biblical three score and ten, and are still going strong.

Our house league games are open to mixed participation by all members, and are intended primarily for exercise and social interaction. In addition to these house league games, our organization supports several "traveling" teams, composed of members who wish to participate in more competitive games against teams from elsewhere in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. Some of these traveling teams compete within defined age categories (55+ or 65+) and play league games at the John Blumberg (Headingly) and Buhler (Transcona) Recreational complexes. They also play in a variety of tournaments around southern Manitoba. Typically, House League and most traveling games are played on week days during normal working hours, but one of our teams does compete regularly in evening games against teams from other nearby centres. Every interested senior can participate according to his or her interests, skills, and scheduling needs.

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More Info About Us

While some of our members have been active in softball for much of their lives, others are relatively new to the game, or have been away from the sport for many years. We welcome all who wish to participate and meet the age requirements. Membership in our organization is renewable each spring, and includes registration with Softball Manitoba, the provincial governing body. Annual cost of this club membership is only $60.00, and includes insurance coverage (open the Softball Manitoba Insurance Brochure),(Download the Softball Manitoba Insurance Claim Form) in the event of injury during participation in our activities. All that you need to join the fun are a paid-up membership, some comfortable clothing, and a softball glove. Bats, balls, and a club cap and sweater will be provided. Softball cleats, or other suitable non-slip footwear, are recommended.

Even More Info About Us

This information is intended to whet your interest. Almost certainly, you will have unanswered questions. Feel free to contact one of the persons listed on our contact page to obtain more information about teams, times, and other details. You may also wish to drop by at one of our house league sessions at Moffat Field (click for map) on Tuesdays or Thursdays, beginning in May. These games commence at 1:00 PM during May and June, but are moved to 10:00 AM during the hot weather of July and August, and return to the afternoons in September and October. Warm-up sessions and batting practices usually begin at least 30 minutes before "game times". Because of potential liability issues, we do require that all active participants be paid-up members of our club.